Portraits, Music on Canvas:

With the Album "Portraits" I initiated a research about the links  between  Visual Arts and Music.

The perspective of finding an idiomatic link between both appeared while starting composing "Portraits" and I found an endless source of musical inspiration through the spectrum of visual artists.

It appeared to me very interesting to try to create anmusical  imaginative painting representing  the work of a visual artist or the visual artist itself.

Here are few examples of this work:

Technology and Bones(3).png

Portrait of painter Alberto Burri:


Voice Over: Andrea Sartori

Photo Credit: Aurelio Amendola

You can find more about Alberto Burri's work here


Portrait of painter Simone Geraci :

You can find more about Simone's work here


Portrait of painter Maurizio Pometti  :

You can find more about Maurizio's work here

Portrait of of a piece of Art by Fiber Artist Grazia Inserillo :

You can find more about Grazia's work here


Maurizio working on his "Dormire Con I Fantasmi" serie ,

Palermo, 2019.


Detail of "Somewhere" by Grazia Inserillo embroidery on  tulle, 2021.

Portrait of Performance Artist Carla Ricevuto:

"See You, See You" Music Video extract from "Portraits" Album, 2021.


Detail of "Breath" (2020 ) , full footage here.

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