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“With "Portraits" I change my point of view and present myself as a painter capable of painting musical portraits.This modus operandi places the figure of the musician in close relationship with the figure of a visual artist who does not use colors and canvases but a bass trombone and soundscapes.

 released July 8, 2021 Bass Trombone recorded at San Rocco Contemporary Art Museum (Sicily) from 24 to 26 February 2021.


Piano,Tenor Trombone, E-Trombone ,Upright Bass recorded between Montreal, Paris and Interlochen in 2020-2021.


All Compositions by Alix Tucou except n.8 by Rosa Balistreri quotation of “Lamentatio” by Giovanni Solima in n.1, n.5 co-composed with Simon Denizart and cover of “Now,O Now” by John Dowland in n.7.


Cover Design and Artwork by Carla Rcevuto, "Azolo" (Azolo on canva 200cmx200cm)


Mastered by BJKalahann at Electronic Mojo Studio.


Produced and Mixed by AlixTucou.


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